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...is what everybody is searching for. We bring them to you fast, conveniently and at a fair price. We specialize in custom orders and tech support for complex serial communication systems. You got an idea?..we'll make it happen.

In a competitive market we understand that you need to incorporate data products fast and hassle less, and expect your parts to run for years without problems or breakdowns. With our convenient and effective online tech support and additional technical documentation you can always rely on superior service and support if you are having problems installing or using our products.
Tronicore is a small privately owned company. We manufacture most types of data converters, serial, USB and specialty data converters. We accept custom orders, manufacture and import products that we believe are beneficial for our customers. We might not be the biggest but we certainly knows what we are dealing with.

We have no minimum order requirements, you can order 1 converter or 1000 converters, we provide same superior customer service no matter what! We have many suppliers around the world and we will be happy to work with you to find exactly what you need.

rs485 adapters
Effective serial data communication!

Tronicore Solutions
Møllegærdet 27
6000 Kolding, Denmark

Professional Serial Data Communication
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