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If you need to isolate your USB device from your computer this USB Isolator is an effective and easy solution to ensure total isolation between your USB devices and your computer. This USB isolator separates both the data lines and power supply from your computer, fully protecting your USB devices and data signals against electrical noise, high voltage spikes, surges and ground loops for up to 3000V, which otherwise easily could damage your equipment.

Isolation is achieved by the ADUM4160 from Analog Devices, which efficiently protects your equipment against all types of high voltage spikes, surges and static electricity. The ADUM4160 makes this USB isolator compatible with both low speed (1.5M) and high speed (12M). The speed can manually be selected by a jumper on the side of the isolator.

Power is provided from the computer's USB port, however an external power supply can be connected to the isolator if your USB device has a high current consumption (400mA or more). Adding an external 5V power supply will ensure that the connected USB device(s) will get sufficient power.
Power is isolated by a 2 watt regulated DC-DC converter with an isolation of 3000V.

A LED indication light indicates when the isolator is turned on.

usb isolator diagram

Overall features
  • Fully isolated USB isolator
  • Powered by USB port
  • 3000V isolation
  • Low speed and High speed supported
  • Data and power wires fully isolated from host
  • External power can be added if required

Part number UISO3
Operating system Transparent to operating system, no drivers needed.
Power requirements 5V provided by USB port. Option for external power supply.
Output current Up to 400mA by USB port power, higher with external power supply.
Compatibility USB 1.1 (1.5Mbps) and USB 2.0 (12Mbps).
Interfaces USB device side: Type A female
USB PC side: Type B female
Isolation Voltage 3000V
USB isolator ADUM4160
DC isolator IF0505S-2W
ESD Protection 15 KV
Operating Temp. -40 to 85C
Dimensions 70mm x 90mm x 27mm
Indication lights Power
Warranty 1 year limited warranty
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